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East Java has numbers of destinations that worth to be visited, one of those are Bromo Mountain at Probolinggo regency and Sidoarjo city.

Bromo Mountain is one of famous destination in East Java, It has 2392 M high above sea level. The majestic natural sightseeing in Bromo Mountain is tremendous. Worldwide tourists are willing to wait and witness the glorious sunrise at dawn or enjoy the sunset at noon. Those who were in Bromo Mountain must agree that Bromo is magnificently beautiful.

There are three View Point to enjoy the moment of sunrise and sunset in Bromo Mountain, which is Penanjakan View Point, Sernui View Point and Mentigen View Point. To reach those three points, Pondok Asri Family Guest House will facilitate the tourists completely and arrange all the tourists’ needs, from Surabaya to Probolinggo.

Tanggulangin Bromo Rujak Cingur
Tanggulangin Mount Bromo Rujak Cingur

While after visiting Bromo and going back to Surabaya, we can pass by in Sidoarjo. Sidoarjo is a sub-urband city near to Surabaya. It famous by its local industry like in Tanggulangin Sub-district that having leather industry for luggage, shoes, belt, bags and many more.

Visiting Sidoarjo will never complete without tasting the delicious Kupang Lontong. Kupang is kind of small sea shell that contain of high protein. It served with Lontong or rice cake and cassava crackers. The spices from kupang lontong are taken from the shrimp paste and garlic. Before leaving Sidoarjo, do not forget to buy some souvenirs from Sidoarjo’s special signatures, like Petis or Shrimp paste, Smoke milk fish or shrimp crackers.

After arriving in Surabaya, eating Rujak Cingur will never be fault. Rujak Cingur is kind of traditional sald and becomes one of the famous Surabaya’s traditional food that consist of numbers of vegetables and fruit, lontong, tempe or soy bean cake, tofu and cingur. Cingur is part of the cow, which taken from the mouth. It has chewy texture yet savory at taste. Those ingredients are mixed well with shrimp paste sauce. Rujak Cingur is rich in flavor, like Surabaya itself.

See you soon at Surabaya, Pondok Asri Family Guest House will humbly welcome you