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When you visit East Java, You certainly do not want to missed Surabaya as one of the most attractive city, the second big city after Jakarta and the capital city of East Java. Surabaya is also known as the city of "Heroes", and it surely has some of historical places and become the "heritage" of ancient relics.

Lontong Balap Rawon Suramadu
Lontong Balap Rawon Suramadu
Tugu Pahlawan    
Tugu Pahlawan    

Here are some Point of Interest in Surabaya, which can be visited:

  • Surabaya Zoo, it has nearly complete collection of animals in Surabaya, and there is iconic statue of Surabaya in front of the entrance gate.
  • Kayun Flower Market, it sales numbers of flowerbeds in variants.
  • Tugu Pahlawan, or Heroes Monument and it completed by dioramas.
  • Jembatan Merah or Red Bridge, was a historic place from the ancient times, when Commander of the Allied Forces "General Mallaby" killed by Surabaya Soldiers.
  • Surabaya Post Office is a Dutch cultural heritage relics.
  • Suramadu Bridge Is the longest bridge in Indonesia, connecting the island of Madura and Java (Surabaya) with a length of more than 5 km.

Furthermore, Surabaya that is signified as "INDARMADI" which describe some fields in Industry, Trade, Maritime and Education, also have a variety of culinary, both derived from the original Surabaya and surrounding, for instance:

Lontong Balap is typical Surabaya food, consisting of rice cake, tofu, lento (made from fried crushed red beans) and vegetable sprouts. In Bahasa Indonesia, the word Lontong is derived from Rice Cake, while Balap means Racing. This term taken since 1950, when the early merchants sale their Lontong Balap by carrying in they shoulder while walking faster like doing any racing. We can found Lontong Balap around Kranggan,  Blauran Market, Surabaya.

Lontong Kupang, this culinary derived from Sidoarjo, which is a dish that is highly nutritious because of the kind of mussels that lives around the coast of Sidoarjo.

Rawon Surabaya is a typical of Surabaya dish consists of beef in the form of soup. Foreign tourists usually call it the "Black Soup".

Actually there are many typical dishes of East Java that can be enjoyed in any atmosphere,you can  Please kindly visit our place in, "Pondok Asri Family Guest House".